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Communist – How to spot one

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(Authored more than a year ago. Moved from my personal blog.)
Twenty years ago India abandoned the path of socialism and embarked on the road to prosperity. When we have just started enjoying it’s fruits, there are already enlightened voices calling for moderation. While it was expected that the so called intellectuals would behave this way, what is frightening is that so many decent hardworking people are also beginning to believe that somehow socialism and communism are wonderful ideas that just did not work. They are apologising for their desire to make their lives better.  The following is for their benefit. They should know what the real soul of a communist is. I know this better because, for the better part of my adolescence I was under the intoxicating influence of this vicious theory. I owe it to my college for curing me. And I owe it to the people who cured me that I point out what they are accepting when they allow a leftist to convince them of the virtue of socialism
When a person declares himself a communist/socialist  this is what he means:
  • I have no respect for the rights of my fellowmen to possess property. I would seize their property and expect them to appreciate it as being done for the greater good of the society.  (The theory of communism can be summed up in one sentence. Abolish all private property – Karl Marx)
  • I would decide what they should eat, wear and talk about. I would demand that everyone treat everyone else equally without regard to their personal preferences.
  • I would refuse to acknowledge that I should take responsibility for earning my own living. I would declare that I have the right to satisfy all my needs and blame the society for not satisfying my needs of food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, education or job. (From each according to his ability, to each according to his need. – Karl Marx)
  • I would envy people who are more talented, hard working and ambitious than I am, and would blame them for daring to earn a better standard of life than mine. On the other hand I would have no problem asking them to pay me a part or whole of what they earn  for letting them exist. I would not accept that what I am doing is nothing but pure extortion and robbery.
  • I would not improve my skills and prevent others from doing so. If anyone dares to come up with something original and new, I would accuse him for daring to do something which his fellow men were incapable of doing and thus daring to become better than them even if this invention raises everyone’s standard of life. I would put him to death and then have no problem using his innovation to make my life better.
  • I would preach austerity and a simple life from inside an air conditioned castle, driving a Lamborghini. I would jusify this by saying that my life is more important than others as I am the one ordained to establish harmony on this earth. ( Consider the lifestyle of any dictator who ruled/rules any communist country )
  • I would keep contradicting myself. Whenever I find that some past statement of mine was proved wrong, I would simply deny having said that. When someone points this out, accuse him of being a reactionary and execute him. I would suspect even my own comrades in arms. I would claim that only my vision of communism is correct and destroy all other rival versions.(Remember all the fraternal wars between Soviet Russia and China, China and Vietnam, Vietnam and Cambodia and of course the famous rivalry between Stalin and Trotsky)
  • I would pretend to be an intellectual and voice my opinion on subjects that I have no understanding of. When some fact contradicts my beliefs, I would just distort the fact to suit my belief.
  • I would not be able to explain the fact that communism being a worker’s movement as I claim, has never succeeded in becoming any force in the countries where the number of workers is highest – the industrialized countries. I would hide the fact that communism everywhere has been preached by the educated scholars who never did any physical work all their lives, carried on by goons who had no problem in killing their country men and accepted silently by illiterate peasants.
  • I would call for violent takeover of private property in the name of nationalization. I would say that I have a right over the property (which I would call a national resource) simply because it falls within the nation’s boundary. I would refuse to acknowledge that the natural resource became an useful economic resource simply due to some individual’s effort and that is why he claimed it as his property.
  • Whenever someone points out my ideology’s past failures and horrors, I would refuse to take responsibility and claim that this time it would be different even if all evidence points otherwise. I would claim that communism is a noble ideal and humans are not noble enough for it.
  • If someone points out that historically, Capitalism has removed more people out of poverty than any communist godfather ever promised , I would close my ears and simply declare that Capitalism will fail because Marx said so. So people should not embrace capitalism even if it promises them a better way of life. I would declare that communism is more important than bread. ( Mao declared once that the people should get over the ravaging famines by reading about communism )
  • I would claim that communism promises universal love and peace, while refusing to accept the fact that it has surpassed the Nazis in the sheer number of people it has massacred in it’s concentration, sorry labour camps. I would call Hitler a villain and Stalin a hero, even though Stalin’s killings outnumber Hitler’s. I would praise North Korea for starving it’s people while accumulating nuclear weapons.
  • This can go on. But I have better things to do than getting into the mind of a communist. I felt compelled to write this post, because of the sudden increase in the crazy voices around me. These people were forced to eat their words in the nineties and the early years of the new century. Now that they find that the western economies are in a crisis they have come to life again like Zombies, nastier than ever before. ( Again this is not a crisis of capitalism itself as many claim. Just ask a few simple questions, who gave the sub-prime lenders the courage to go out and lend sub-prime? Who created the false bubble? Why did the US government keep expanding the money supply? Is it capitalism to keep devaluing money and adopt a zero interest rate policy? And who has taken the real hit now – bankers or tax-payers? If banks were to blame, why were they bailed out with tax-payer money ? Whose fault was all of this? The innocent free market which obeys only the rules of cause and effect or the increaingly socialist US government which forgot its capitalist roots and decided to tamper with the market?  ).There is a sudden spike in the number of Che Guevara shirts on the street. They are deadlier than before, in that they no longer attack capitalism directly. They pretend to be reformers wanting to change it. Their colour is no longer red. It is green. They don’t call themselves communists. They have fancier names like people for the earth, people for the rights of some unknown tribe in Malawi etc. But beneath the cloak, beneath all their fancy talk, there is the same dark heart –  the hatred for private property. They blame us for being greedy. They openly propound destruction and get praised as humanitarians. They want us to talk to the Naxalites who enter our homes and rob our property. They blame our slightly enhanced standard of life for the diseases in Chattisgarh, as if the tribals had access to high quality health care before liberalisation began. They write books, conduct book fairs, direct movies, teach our kids, organize human rallies and do everything possible to make us feel guilty for making our lives better.
    I have shared my antagonism at the risk of sounding rigid and conservative. But we need to be careful when supporting certain ideas.  We have to realise that it is not a choice between capitalism and socialism. It is a choice between freedom and tyranny,society and chaos,life and death.

    Written by Surya

    September 21, 2010 at 3:20 am

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